The Legion of Tomorrow, a Savage Rifts Story

Stilleto 3 Reporting for Duty

Started the game at Castle refuge. Each player collaboratively narrated a scene with another person's character. 


  • Coalition & Federation cast offs are working together.
  • Is Garnet town a Hell Mouth?
  • Castle Refuge has a new defense force (melee) trained by Lord Mar. There is a stand out student of the art. Azir is a kitchen assistant. He has a powerful quality of being humble (tends to grate on Lord Mar). 

Stiletto 3 is now the squad designation


  • Sparky, a Psi-Operator
  • Lord Mar, a Ley Line Walker
  • Darkoth, a Juicer

The Tomorrow Legion

The big picture complication is that the legion can not continue to face both Federation of magic and the Coalition of Humanity by themselves. The larger strategy is to have the two groups, focus on each other. This will allow the legion to continue to do good in the world and also weaken their enemies. 


  1. Coalition is fighting wars on many fronts. 
  2. The Federation is rife with infighting. Lord Dunscon’s power is keeping it together but there may be opportunity.
  3. There are other powerful forces at work. A warrior race in the north east. Alien Slavers in the South East. Alien monsters in the north. Vampires in the south. Another magical power in the west.


  • Erin Taryn – She is conflicted on her opinions of Stilleto 3. She is thankful for a rescue from certain death. Erin is extremely hurt and angry over the disparaging comments about her fallen guard who were her friends and allies.  
  • Lord Coake – He feels that he has a new weapon in his war against the forces of evil raging across North America. He is concerned over the morale questions that have been instantly raised by Stiletto 3 in their first encounter. 

Special non-player characters:

  • Shana Dawn - An irreverent private military leader who is fighting in and around the federation of magic. 
  • Isiri Lox Jin – A Quickflex Alien, decker from the Northern Gun. Met in Garnet Town by Stilleto 3
  • Leena and Diranvis – Elf twins with the special ability to open rifts for short periods together. They always lead to a location on this planet. Their farthest range has been a few hundred miles.

Overall Outcome

  • Stiletto 3 will be focusing on supply chain starvation for the Federation of Magic. 
  • Stiletto 3 will be working on creating/enchanting a powerful sword that will change the path of the war.



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